Scouts' Eye: Wells to carry Cardinals

With a run-first offense coming to Arizona, can Beanie Wells take his game to the next level in 2010? Steve Dykes/US Presswire

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Every offseason, there are players who finished the previous season strong and appear ready to take their games to the next level. Today we are going to look at four players who, for different reasons, look ready to move into that elite level.

Arizona Cardinals RB Beanie Wells

Arizona has been a pass-first offense in the past, but with the retirement of quarterback Kurt Warner, look for the Cardinals to have a bit of a shift in offensive philosophy. If new starting quarterback Matt Leinart is going to have success, Arizona must be a run-first team. Arizona has a big, mauling offensive line that can get movement at the point of attack in its man-blocking schemes. Wells is a powerful runner between the tackles and is explosive to and through the hole. He runs with very good balance and body control and breaks initial arm tackles at the first level. Though he isn't a speedster, he is tough to get off his feet at the second level once he gets rolling. Coach Ken Whisenhunt wants to pound the ball on the ground, which will give Wells an opportunity to raise his game.