Mel Kiper's QBs in the crosshairs

Things are built for success in Miami. Chad Henne is the man who must direct it. Getty Images

Clearly, I view a lot of NFL personnel moves through the prism of the draft. But, quite frankly, so do the front offices in this league.

Think about it: The average NFL career lasts about 2½ years. In the NBA, guaranteed rookie contracts for first-round picks last longer! Because of performance issues, the constant pressure on coaches to find solutions so they can spare their own jobs and the inevitability of injuries, the league churns through players at a remarkable rate, and it always will. Throughout the season, I'll look at NFL storylines and point out the things I'll be watching closest in terms of personnel as I review all the tapes.

This week, it's about quarterbacks. Namely, these are the guys I'll be watching closely based on where they stand with their organizations and what that could mean for the future.

Chad Henne -- Miami Dolphins

Anytime you get "anointed" without much of a track record, the pressure's on. But in the case of Henne -- who I absolutely think deserves the starting nod, so don't get me wrong -- the situation is even more pressing because of the way the team has been constructed for a quarterback to succeed. The running game is there with Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams behind a well-built offensive line with a remarkable talent in Jake Long on the left side, and now the long-battered receiving corps is no longer an excuse.