Scouts Buzz: Best answers call

Detroit Lions rookie Jahvid Best has four touchdowns rushing, one receiving in his first two NFL games. AP Photo/Rick Osentoski

After watching the Week 2 matchups, Scouts Inc. shares these key observations:

1. As noted in last week's Rookie Watch, Jahvid Best had his share of struggles in his NFL debut but needed to step up his game with QB Matthew Stafford out of the lineup. That is exactly what the Detroit Lions rookie running back did against the Philadelphia Eagles. He was phenomenal. His performance didn't end up being enough to help the Lions win. Still, before this game, there were concerns about how well Best could do with added attention from opposing defenses. He answered that resoundingly.

2. The Minnesota Vikings' passing game still has a lot of problems. Brett Favre doesn't move as well as he once did. The protection is spotty at best. There isn't a go-to receiver in the mix. Percy Harvin could be that guy, but he seems lost as a starter. He just doesn't have much experience playing wide receiver overall. His drop on the edge of the goal line that resulted in an interception was a brutal turnover for the Vikings in their loss to the Miami Dolphins.