It could be a long year for Tony Romo

Tony Romo was hit five times in the home loss to the Bears. Getty Images

Every Tuesday, Football Outsiders will analyze the biggest upset from the previous weekend and see how those factors will impact both teams moving forward.

Pop quiz: Name the last offensive lineman drafted in the first round by the Dallas Cowboys. If you know the answer, you know your offensive linemen -- which means you probably know why the Cowboys are 0-2 and alone at the bottom of the NFC East.

Only a handful of current Cowboys were even born when Dallas took Missouri's Howard Richards Jr. with the 26th pick of the draft in 1981. In the ensuing quarter-century-plus, the team has managed to find great blockers in the second and third rounds, including Larry Allen and Erik Williams of the mid-'90s Super Bowl champions. Lately, they've stopped looking for blockers early in the draft. Since 2005, the Cowboys have selected two offensive linemen in the third round of the draft, and none in rounds one and two.