Scouts Buzz: Who needs Randy Moss?

After watching the Week 6 matchups, Scouts Inc. shares these key observations:

1. The New England Patriots' passing offense without Randy Moss is very intriguing. The Patriots have a ton of versatile but somewhat unproven weapons. It's a work in progress both in terms of schematics and the timing of routes. The offense needs to stretch the field more than it did against the Baltimore Ravens. In the red zone, New England's young tight ends will be a factor, but the threat of a Moss fade is clearly missing. But overall, this offense shows encouraging signs. Deion Branch, returning to the Patriots after four seasons with the Seattle Seahawks, seemed comfortable and will grow in his role. Tom Brady uses play-action well, even though New England doesn't have a run-first offense. It is very O-line-friendly, which cannot be understated. There is a real shortage of quality offensive linemen and line play in general right now in this league. As I said, this offense is very intriguing as it reinvents itself.