Scouts Buzz: Seattle rising in West

After watching the Week 7 matchups, Scouts Inc. shares these key observations:

1. In terms of NFC West "dominance," I am starting to become a real believer in the Seattle Seahawks. Right now, it is pretty clear that they are the best team in this terrible division. Pete Carroll needs to be discussed in the coach of the year conversation. He is maximizing the talent on this roster. They are fantastic on special teams and can stop the run. They are a much better pass-rushing defense than many tend to realize, led by Chris Clemons, who had yet another sack this week. The run defense wasn't superb against Arizona, but the Seahawks were without DT Brandon Mebane, their best big man. WR Mike Williams is a developing weapon who is difficult to account for, and their two-headed rushing attack remains potent. One big worry for me is the loss of LT Russell Okung (ankle) once again. In the little we have seen of Okung, he has been an excellent blind-side protector. The offensive line may really struggle if he is out of the lineup. I am not suggesting that Seattle is a contender, but it is separating itself from the quagmire of the division.

2. It is time to start mentioning Atlanta's Roddy White with the best wide receivers in the game. Once you get past Houston's Andre Johnson and Arizona's Larry Fitzgerald, there are quite a few qualified candidates to be the next-best wide receiver on that list. But I think Dallas' Miles Austin is the only player I would put over White for the No. 3 spot, which puts White at No. 4 on my list -- though I do feel that Detroit's Calvin Johnson will be right at the top once he improves his overall consistency. White really doesn't have a weakness and can kill a defense at every level. He is becoming remarkably consistent week to week and has extremely secure hands to go along with big-play ability. To complement his 201 receiving yards and two touchdowns, White's one-handed catch down the right sideline was a terrific display of concentration and body control.