Why the Saints aren't in trouble

Although Drew Brees had a rough game against the Browns, Saints fans shouldn't panic yet. Derick E. Hingle/US Presswire

Each Tuesday, Football Outsiders writes a column for ESPN.com looking at the biggest upset of the previous NFL weekend and what it tells us about those teams going forward. But sometimes, an upset is just a random result, literally an example of what can happen on "any given Sunday." Cleveland win over New Orleans exemplified one of those games, as the Saints are not this bad and the Browns are not this good. And though Colt McCoy now has a win over the Saints and a decent game against the Steelers under his belt, it's still way too early to tell whether or not the Browns have their first franchise quarterback since Bernie Kosar.

In two games, McCoy has tossed two interceptions and taken six sacks, while throwing for only one touchdown. On the other hand, he's completing more than 65 percent of his passes for 7.2 yards per attempt, and most of that came against the elite Pittsburgh defense. Those are pretty good numbers for the first two games in a rookie's career, right? Can we take any meaning from that?