Scouts Buzz: Rice back in top form

After watching the Week 13 matchups, Scouts Inc. shares these key observations:

1. Brett Favre left Sunday's game almost immediately, and Tarvaris Jackson led the Vikings to victory without much resistance from the Bills. This isn't to take away from what Jackson did, but the player I want to discuss here is WR Sidney Rice. Many dismissed what Rice did last season because they felt that Favre made Rice look better than he is. Well, maybe the opposite was true. Rice, who returned from a hip injury three weeks ago, isn't far off from the best wideouts in the game today. With Rice's height, length, ability to get off the ground and go-up-and-get it mentality, he is a quarterback's best friend -- especially in the end zone, as was on full display Sunday. Jackson did not have to make pinpoint throws to Rice to score touchdowns. Jackson may or may not be the long-term answer at quarterback -- and I don't think that he is. But the Vikings are set at wide receiver and with their skill positions for some time.