Scouts Eye: AFC East WRs

Each Monday, Scouts Inc. will break down a key position group in a division. Today, we review and rank the AFC East wide receivers from best to worst.

1. New England Patriots

Gone is Randy Moss. And Wes Welker didn't produce at his usual ridiculous rate in 2010, but it is hard to argue with this group as a whole. Despite a very high number of drops this past season, Welker is still extremely good at what he does. But as shown in their playoff loss to the Jets, the Patriots might be wise to add one more star player. Deion Branch lit it up after being reacquired from the Seahawks but returned to earth as the season concluded and in the playoffs. Maybe more than anyone, Branch might benefit most from the addition of a true No. 1 wideout who can stretch the field. More is needed from Brandon Tate, but his talent is apparent. It wouldn't surprise me if he broke out in 2011. Mix in fellow youngsters Julian Edelman and Taylor Price, and the depth at this position is rather staggering.