Clinton Portis could end up in Philly

Clinton Portis still has some good years left. Where could he end up next season? AP Photo/Nick Wass

Teams in the NFL have been more aggressive about making roster moves this February than in past seasons and it's easy to understand why: With a lockout looming and an uncertain financial system lurking on the other side, teams are opting to get as lean as possible before heading into the darkness of labor strife. And by referring to "teams," we mean the same thing we always do: everyone but the Oakland Raiders.

While Oakland has locked up Richard Seymour and Stanford Routt to big contracts in an attempt to try to solidify its 15th-ranked defense from a year ago, the rest of the league is dumping veterans into free agency or trying to find new players on the cheap. Here, we'll examine the prudence of some of the more recent moves and project how they might shake out in 2011.

Washington Redskins cut Clinton Portis