Close misses for first Big Board

Another year of seasoning could push Mark Barron into Round 1. Getty Images

On Wednesday, I released the first Big Board for the 2012 NFL draft. While there are some notable names, fans who aren't obsessive about tracking college players probably saw a lot of names for the first time. Of course, because the Big Board only goes to 25, one of the first questions always is: So who would have been next?

It's usually between a handful of guys, with recent play being a big deciding factor. But in the spring, the list is always a little longer. This is a pretty subjective stage -- many of the players on the Big Board really have only a year of starting experience. So that you have a few more names to consider, here are a number of other players who are right on the edge, broken down into class.

There's no clear No. 26, so they are just organized alphabetically.


Levy Adcock, OT, Oklahoma St.
The Pokes sent an offensive lineman to the NFL within the top 10 picks in 2010 when Russell Okung landed with Seattle, and the massive Adcock has the skills to land in Round 1 in 2012. A massive frame, at 6-foot-6, and north of 320 pounds.