Ranking best available 2017 NFL free agents

Golic buys Shanahan's comments on Kaep's fit with 49ers (0:57)

Mike Golic understands what Kyle Shanahan is saying when he says Colin Kaepernick doesn't fit well in his offense. (0:57)

Because of the weak 2013 draft class, this was supposed to be a bad year for free agency. What has been a big surprise, however, is how active the market has been.

In late March, the league topped last year's total signings in unrestricted free agency (128). Free agents are coming out richer, too. In 2016, $1.66 billion was spent on contracts (overall value, not guaranteed money) in unrestricted free agency. This year, we're approaching $2 billion spent by teams.

So who's left on the board? Here are the best remaining free agents:

Editor's note: This file was updated on April 13, 2017, after DT Johnathan Hankins signed with the Indianapolis Colts, S T.J. McDonald signed with the Miami Dolphins, and LB Zach Brown signed with the Washington Redskins.