The NFL's most improved offenses: Can they sustain success?

Woodson: Watson has been unbelievable (0:51)

Darren Woodson praises rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson and picks the Texans over the Browns. (0:51)

On a year-to-year basis, offensive performance is more consistent in the NFL than defensive performance. However, offenses can make very quick turnarounds, whether through installation of a new offensive system, the addition of a new quarterback or simply the improvement of young players.

We looked at the five most improved offenses of 2017 and answered two questions: What is driving this improvement over last year? And will this success continue the rest of the year?

Our method for choosing the most improved offenses was to look at which clubs have the biggest increase in Football Outsiders' offensive DVOA metric (explained here) from the 2016 season compared with the first five weeks of 2017.