The NFL's top performer in 38 distinct categories

Chiefs TE Travis Kelce, left, Saints RB Alvin Kamara, center, and Eagles DT Fletcher Cox, right, are the NFL's best in specific categories. Espn Illustration

The database at Pro Football Focus has few limits, and we're able to dig far deeper into specific traits and facets of the game using our years of data sets.

Here, we dig into some of those traits and tell you who the best players are across a variety of different categories, from the most efficient tackler in the league, to the best quarterback throwing a go route. It's our list of the NFL's best performer in every category you can think of -- for the second year in a row -- using our stats.


Best overall grade

Tom Brady, New England Patriots

After leading all quarterbacks with a 98.0 overall grade last season, Brady is at it again with the top overall grade among offensive players at 93.8. He has continued to evolve his skill set in recent years, extending plays and making more downfield throws outside of structure while also improving his work when facing pressure. Brady has the top PFF grade at both the intermediate (10 to 19 yards) and deep (20-plus yards) level, as the New England offense has been more aggressive throwing down the field this season, and Brady continues to run it with accuracy and precision.

Toughest running back to tackle

Kareem Hunt, Kansas City Chiefs

The rookie has been dominant so far, even in the face of some suspect blocking. He leads the NFL with 56 broken tackles, 21 more than any other back, and is averaging 3.2 yards per carry after first contact. What really separates Hunt is his ability to make the same plays in the passing game. He's the only back in the league with 10 or more broken tackles on the ground and as a receiver.