Best fits for top projected 2018 NFL free agents

Herm sees Jags as fit for Manning (1:24)

Herm Edwards explains that unless Eli Manning wants to retire with the Giants, Jacksonville and Denver could be good fits. (1:24)

We've reached the final month of the 2017 regular season, which means it's time to take a glimpse into the crystal ball of free agency.

Leaning on this list of notable 2018 free agents compiled by my colleague Kevin Seifert -- with a few changes, most notably Alshon Jeffery, who just got a four-year extension -- below is a look at 20 of the best potential free agents and their ideal fits next year.

To be clear, this isn't a forecast of where they will actually end up -- there's still a lot to be decided between now and when free agency begins in March. This list is a matching of players' skill sets with teams that could benefit from them -- and have the salary cap space to do so.

Here we go:


Kirk Cousins, QB

Team: Washington Redskins | Age: 29

No player will be discussed more heading into free agency than Cousins, given his position and his performance. Twice the recipient of the franchise tag, a third tag from the Redskins would pay Cousins $34.5 million for the 2018 season -- if he were to play under it -- while the transition tag would be a palatable number for Washington's salary cap at $28.8 million. The transition tag is far more likely to introduce outside suitors. Despite a litany of injuries around him and a lack of consistent wide receiver play, Cousins enters Week 14 with 3,289 passing yards (fifth in the NFL) and 24 touchdowns. Naysaying Cousins at this point is negligent. He's a legit franchise quarterback.