Predicting contract terms for NFL's top 25 free agents

Browns could bring in veteran to help rookie QB (0:53)

Dan Graziano joins SportsCenter to discuss how the Browns will handle the quarterback situation, not only in the draft but also in free agency. (0:53)

It's early March, and our crystal ball has dollar signs floating in it.

This time next week, NFL teams will be signing free agents at a frenzy. Contract figures will be flying fast and furious, and it will be hard to keep up.

Fortunately, we can help you out a week early. Based on conversations with agents, team executives and other salary-cap experts, ESPN.com proudly presents our predictions for the contracts this year's top NFL free agents can expect to get.

These are projections, and educated guesses. We based the order loosely on ESPN NFL reporter Kevin Seifert's list of the top 100 free agents, but we took out some and added some based on where our best information was. Basically, the list is designed to give you an idea of what to expect in terms of numbers when they start to flow in next week. We'll start at the very top.

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1. Kirk Cousins, QB

2017 team: Washington | Age: 30