NFL midseason playoff scenarios: Could the Vikings, Patriots or Giants still make the 2020 postseason?

We're halfway through the 2020 NFL season. Do you know where your favorite team's playoff chances stand? For some, it's straightforward. The Steelers? Yeah, you're going dancing. The Jets? Better luck next year. But for the folks in the middle, the future may be murkier.

ESPN's Football Power Index (FPI) is here to help. Using FPI's 20,000 daily simulations, we can lock in certain results to get a better sense of what playoff hopes look like for every team and see what games those hopes really hinge on. That's what we're doing today: playing the scenario game with a few of those whose path to the postseason exists but is far from guaranteed. Let's take a look at key matchups on the slate and how they might play a part of which teams head to the playoffs.

Note: The following projections assume the current playoff format remains intact and do not consider the possibility of an expanded playoff in the event the regular season cannot be completed.

Could the Minnesota Vikings still reach the playoffs?