NFL playoffs 2020 concern index: Should we be worried about Russell Wilson, Tom Brady and Lamar Jackson?

When Tom Brady struggles, we all feel it. When Lamar Jackson can't complete passes, out come the haters. Certain NFL players are lightning rods for attention, especially if their play slips to mere mortal standards. Is this fair? No, but with the NFL playoffs around the corner, we need to know if the players who are struggling will bounce back and lead their teams down the stretch and on a big playoff run.

Let's take a deeper look at five players who have either not produced at the level we are accustomed to from years prior or have slipped from their elite play from earlier in the season: Brady, Jackson, Russell Wilson, Josh Jacobs and T.Y. Hilton. All stats and grades are from Pro Football Focus.

Tom Brady, QB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers