Nine NFL stats, trends and numbers you should know: Replacing Robert Woods, A.J. Terrell's breakout and a shocking Seahawks issue

Dallas' Trevon Diggs is getting all the glory -- eight interceptions! -- but he isn't the only second-year cornerback breaking out in 2021. A close look at the metrics show A.J. Terrell is having a huge season too, just in a quieter way. And future Hall of Famer Aaron Donald? His pass-rush numbers show that he's still at his peak.

As I comb through our metrics each week researching angles and stories, it's impossible to not come across numbers and trends that catch my eye. Like Terrell and his tiny yards per coverage snap allowed, Donald's greatness, or a shift in the coverages teams are employing to stop modern offenses.

Consider this an emptying of the proverbial metrics notebook; here are nine stats that caught my eye and tell us something about what we've seen in 2021 and where we're going:

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