Parcells counting on Bledsoe

As the Eagles begin to ponder life without Terrell Owens, who will emerge as Donovan McNabb's favorite target? Can Bill Parcells revive the career of an old friend? Will the Giants protect Eli Manning? Scouts, Inc. previews the players in the NFC East who hold the most weight in their teams' fates.

Dallas Cowboys -- Drew Bledsoe, quarterback
Head coach Bill Parcells knows that he is not going to be around long enough to see the Drew Henson project through. Furthermore, he is not sold that Henson has what it takes to develop into a good starting quarterback in the NFL. Hence the reunion with Bledsoe.

Bledsoe is an experienced veteran with not only a great concept of Parcells' system, but also a clear understanding of what Parcells expects from his quarterback. However, if Bledsoe and Parcells are to return to the Super Bowl together, the veteran quarterback must mend his recent shortcomings.