Leftwich in need of protection

As we get closer to late July and training camp, interesting individual battles are shaping up on almost every NFL team. We have picked a few that certainly will be worth watching.

Baltimore Ravens: No. 2 WR
Unrestricted free agent acquisition Derrick Mason obviously will be the No. 1 wide receiver in this offense, but the battle for No. 2 will likely come down to rookie Mark Clayton and youngsters Randy Hynes, Clarence Moore and Devard Darling. It's probably Clayton's job if he can grasp the offense in training camp. He has the best technical skills of any of the rookie receivers, and much like Mason, he knows how to get open and separate.

Moore, Hynes and Darling are all big, ranging guys who are tough size matchups for smaller DBs, especially in the red zone. But none of the three has the type of speed you want on the perimeter, and all three really limit the vertical aspect of the offense.