Mission impossible

Throughout history, explorers have been drawn to do what their fellow man said was impossible. Ferdinand Magellan's expedition circumnavigated the world, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, Jacques Piccard and Donald Walsh surveyed the Mariana Trench -- all tasks that were at one time considered beyond the realm of achievement but were eventually conquered with guts, ingenuity and technical creativity.

Today's NFL has its own version of the impossible goal -- create a viable pass receiving habitat on Darrelle Revis Island.

Many have tried to establish a beachhead on this atoll but Revis' ridiculously low 3.6 yards per pass attempt (YPA) allowed total this season has kept this isle uninhabited.

Since the Contrarian Thoughts series revolves around the pursuit of counterintuitive information, I decided to take on the seemingly hopeless task of reviewing the game tape to find a way to beat Revis.