Why the Jets' pass defense isn't elite

Despite adding Antonio Cromartie, the Jets' pass defense is worse than it was last year. Tony Kurdzuk/The Star-Ledger/US Presswire

With the opening round of the playoffs upon us, it's time for that funny part of the NFL season where players and teams get assigned storylines that just don't fit. Sometimes, it's an anecdotal measure of performance that resembles luck far more than skill. Other times, it's a made-for-TV storyline about a team's past performance that doesn't apply to the current iteration of the franchise. And heck -- sometimes the things you hear about teams are even true.

At Football Outsiders, it's our duty to sift through these storylines and figure out which of them are myths that you should scoff at (here is the midseason version). We've trawled through the discussions surrounding each of the eight teams participating in wild-card weekend and found four myths, along with four ideas more based in reality.


Myth: The New York Jets have an elite pass defense.