Can Tim Tebow do it again?

Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos pulled off a shocker against Pittsburgh. Can they do it again? Ron Chenoy/US Presswire

Join me, won't you, as we revisit what I said in this space a mere seven days ago:

With [Tim] Tebow at quarterback, the Broncos only faced two playoff teams, the Lions and Patriots. Twice they were solidly thumped, by an average score of 43-12. With the Pittsburgh Steelers and the league's top scoring defense rolling into town, it's hard to see how they won't be solidly thumped again.

I will pause now to let you get over your giggles, guffaws and belly laughs. Send me an insulting tweet, if you so desire. I've earned it.

All right. Now that we've established that I was very, very wrong, let's examine why I was so wrong. How did Tebow and the Broncos beat Pittsburgh? And more importantly, why was it hard to see coming, and what does that mean for the Patriots?