Why Giants' WRs top the Packers'

Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks have both enjoyed solid seasons for the New York Giants. Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Each of the divisional playoff games this weekend has an interesting subplot. There is Brady vs. Tebow, Part 2, a battle to see which remaining AFC defense is the most dynamic (Houston or Baltimore), and a Saints-49ers matchup that is the epitome of an unstoppable force versus an immovable object.

As fascinating as those conflicts are, one of the more intriguing subplots within any of the games has to be this question: Which team has the better receiving corps, the New York Giants or the Green Bay Packers?

Opinions abound as to which pass-catching group is better, but for the sake of this discussion, opinions will take a back seat to a detailed metric review, with the numbers being the overriding determinant as to which player is better at each position. And note that I'm laying out who is No. 1 or No. 2 based on overall productivity, not the usual throwaway line about who is a No. 1 guy and who isn't.

No. 1 wide receiver: Victor Cruz vs. Jordy Nelson

For this first matchup, let's take a look at a chart detailing the metrics for each player: