Tim Tebow isn't a one-year wonder

Tim Tebow's run came to an end in New England, but the Broncos should be back. Mark L. Baer/US Presswire

Early in Super Bowl XI, the Oakland Raiders drove down to the Minnesota Vikings' 7-yard line but stalled there and ended up kicking a 24-yard field goal.

Raiders head coach John Madden was none too happy about the end of the drive. As he noted in, "Hey, Wait A Minute, I Wrote a Book!" Madden told his team, "You got to get the ball in the end zone, you got to get six points, not three."

Quarterback Ken Stabler put his arm around Madden and, knowing just how well the offense was playing, told him, "Don't worry, John, there's plenty more where that came from." Stabler was spot on in his assessment, as the Raiders went on to rout the Vikings 32-14.

That sentiment is exactly the type of feeling that Tim Tebow backers should have about his future prospects.

It might seem hard to fathom such a line of thinking after Tebow's Denver Broncos were on the wrong end of a 45-10 AFC divisional playoff game thrashing against the New England Patriots -- partially because he went 9-for-26 for 136 yards -- but the truth is that a game tape and metric review of Denver's 2011 season indicates Tebow has an extraordinary amount of reachable potential.