How to beat the New England Patriots

The New York Giants already beat the New England Patriots once this season. Can they do it again? William Perlman/US Presswire

As the Baltimore Ravens found out on Sunday, putting together a game plan that will lead to a win over the New England Patriots is a task that is easier said than done.

Getting into a shootout is certainly a low-proposition path since the Patriots scored 30 or more points in 13 of their 18 games this year and had 27 in another contest.

Should a team try to outgain New England yardage-wise? Seven teams did that against the Patriots this year, and only one ended up winning.

Even winning the turnover battle doesn't do a lot of good, as the Patriots were 3-2 in games in which they were on the losing end of that statistical skirmish.

So what is the key to beating the Patriots?

To find the answer, I analyzed the statistics for their games against the Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants and the Ravens.