Scouts Buzz: Brady not sharp

Scouts Inc. shares some observations from the conference championship games.

Passing games can't cash in: In the first half of the AFC title game, the Ravens were able to get WR Torrey Smith behind the Patriots' defense but were unable to convert on those long passes. This is something the Ravens look to do with great regularity, and you would think New England would do everything possible to take away that big play. Along those lines, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady missed open receivers in the first half as well -- and many of those passes could have gone for big plays. He was putting a lot of touch on his throws and seemed to be aiming more than throwing. Brady was not driving the ball as well as he usually does. New England had little downfield passing game Sunday. But give Baltimore's pass defense a ton of credit, too, as Brady never really looked like Brady. He wasn't comfortable or in a rhythm during the entire game and the Ravens accomplished this without bringing added pass-rushers.