How to stop Tom Brady

The Giants have already shown this season that they can get pressure on Tom Brady. David Butler II/US Presswire

How to stop Tom Brady | How to stop Eli Manning

Tom Brady seems to have everything. He is an All-Pro and a Super Bowl-winning quarterback, just as he dreamed of being as a kid watching Joe Montana at Candlestick Park. (We've all heard that fairy tale, right?) He also has a Brazilian supermodel as a wife, which is probably beyond what he dreamed of as a kid.

But there is something Brady doesn't do: dance.

Put it this way: Brady can move his feet a little bit, but escape ability is a problem. When Brady has to move around to deal with pressure, well, he just doesn't look too good. Disagree all you want, but his numbers bear this out. When pressured, he completes just 41 percent of his passes; he isn't able to scramble; and his Total Quarterback Rating (QBR) -- which accounts for throwing, running and avoiding sacks -- is just 7.5 out of 100.

When he doesn't have to dance back there, he can do what he does best -- throw accurately to receivers. He completes almost 70 percent of his passes in these situations, and his QBR jumps to 86.2, which ranked behind only Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers this year.

Can the New York Giants generate enough pressure to exploit his lone weakness?