Even with title, Joe Flacco not elite

Even with a ring, Joe Flacco does not belong among the NFL's top QBs. Al Bello/Getty Images

Super Bowl titles often cement reputations, and this year's championship contest will be no exception. A ring for Randy Moss perhaps would move him one step closer to achieving his goal of being recognized as the greatest wide receiver of all time, and a ring also would be a great addition to Ed Reed's Hall of Fame résumé. In addition, a second Super Bowl win certainly would help Ray Lewis' case as the best middle/inside linebacker in NFL history.

Upon initial examination, it also might seem as if a Super Bowl victory would be just the catalyst Joe Flacco needs to vault him into the category of elite quarterback.

After all, Flacco recently set the record for most career postseason road victories while becoming the first quarterback to notch a comeback win against Tom Brady in New England after trailing at halftime. Flacco also has a shot at tying or breaking Joe Montana's record for most touchdowns without an interception in a single postseason.

But even with all of those items pointing in the direction of Flacco's joining the ranks of the best of the best, the truth of the matter is there are far too many factors pointing away from his being an elite quarterback even if he wins the Super Bowl.