Where Pats, 49ers must improve

Colin Kaepernick and Tom Brady both could use some new weapons in 2014. USA Today Sports

"We're behind of a lot of the other teams in the league, all except one, actually, in the AFC, in terms of the offseason, so we have a little bit of catching up to do. So, starting tomorrow, we are on to 2014."

Those words came from Patriots coach Bill Belichick just moments after his team's season-ending defeat in the AFC Championship Game.

The truth of the NFL is that it's cyclical. One season seemingly bleeds into the next, and before a team can blink it already has turned the page.

For the Patriots and 49ers, that page is turned Monday morning, as each team was eliminated from the postseason Sunday and now heads into 2014 with the task of retooling the roster so as to help ensure that next season won't end in a similar fashion.

Reaching the conference championship game isn't a moral victory, but it serves as a reminder of just how strong these rosters already are. Below is a snapshot of three holes each team needs to fill in this offseason to bolster an already exceptional core and take that next step next season.

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