Offseason needs for Seattle

Quarterback Russell Wilson led the Seahawks to their first Super Bowl title. Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks have the Lombardi Trophy firmly in their possession. But as the confetti is swept up at MetLife Stadium, the offseason now gets underway. What will the Seahawks need to do to contend for the title again next season?

Peyton Manning earned more money each week of the 2013 regular season than Russell Wilson did during the entire 16-game schedule.

As if Wilson's on-field performance and off-field demeanor and composure weren't enough to justify his value to the franchise, the fact that he is being paid so modestly for his efforts slams the notion home.

Per the most recent collective bargaining agreement, signed in 2011, Wilson is ineligible to sign an extension or restructure his contract with Seattle until after three full seasons in the NFL, meaning that he'll earn the $662,434 for 2014 that was part of his original deal, despite the fact that he's proved to be worth much more than that.