Film study offers insight, raises questions

Playoff matchups give us endless story lines, and the film room gives us endless X's and O's to dissect. A week of watching film on this weekend's wild-card participants has provided a lot of insight into how each might approach its opening-round playoff game while also raising some questions about where their opponents might attack them.

Here are a dozen observations on wild-card weekend:

Washington at Tampa Bay

Saturday, 4:30 p.m. ET, ABC
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1. Watch out for Redskins TE Chris Cooley

Chris Cooley Cooley

Cooley, who has become one of Washington's most effective vertical weapons, will work out of the traditional tight end position or as an H-back. He will go in motion, work out of the slot and even line up at fullback. A better receiver than blocker, Cooley will be a tough matchup for Tampa Bay's linebackers in coverage. If the Buccaneers blitz and play man-to-man, Cooley will torch their linebackers. But if they rush only four and stay in their Cover 2, he has the ability to attack the intermediate perimeter or deep middle between the safeties, giving immobile QB Mark Brunell an easy and safe target.