Lack of accuracy hurting Manning

The Giants finished the season 11-5, ranking fourth in the league in scoring offense and No. 11 in passing offense. As a result, QB Eli Manning has received a great deal of praise. However, there are some reasons for concern in New York, specifically with Manning's performance down the stretch.

The high point of Manning's season was at the midpoint of the schedule after New York's 24-9 victory at San Francisco. The Giants were 6-2 and had won four of five games. Manning's passer rating was a respectable 84.3, and in four of those first eight games he had a passer rating of 89 or higher. During this stretch, Manning had only two games in which his passer rating was below 70.

Over the next eight games, the Giants went 5-3 and Manning's passer rating was a dismal 68.6. Manning had an 89 or higher rating in only two of these eight games, and had four games with a sub-70 rating.