Random thoughts from Detroit

It's Super Bowl week and there's a lot going on, so let's ramble a little bit as we prepare for the big game.

• This is my first trip to downtown Detroit, ever. I was surprised how small the city is from a building standpoint because I expected a Chicago kind of downtown. Everybody has been wonderful, and as long as the weather continues to stay mild, this week should be a great one. They've done a real nice job having greeters and people pretty much everywhere to direct us around the city. Also, the transportation hasn't been costly so far, but on Thursday, rates everywhere are going to go up. Cabs, limos, you name it, but then again, all the big-money folks will come in Thursday, so why not?

• Media day was Tuesday, and basically a non-factor. It's a chance for most of the worldwide media to actually spend time with the players and get to see them up close and personal. Other than that, it was a typical circus. There were much more media than players with everyone sitting around looking for someone other than the players to interview. That's why I've chosen not to go over the last couple of years.