Neal allows MVP Tomlinson to maximize ability

In this age of "SportsCenter" and fantasy football, some players' true values get skewed by the public, as fans often see only highlights or fantasy production. Players who were on top of their games and playing at a high level one year can very quickly decline due to injuries, age or just having a weakness exposed by the opposition. Below we have listed five players from this season's playoff teams who get too much credit and five who don't get the credit they truly deserve.

SS Roy Williams, Dallas Cowboys
This is a perfect example of how just watching highlights can inflate a player's stock in the public eye. Williams is an outstanding big-play guy who is a knockout hitter -- two things that people really take notice of. He is a force against the run, but a liability in coverage. Dallas has been torched through the air of late and Williams deserves ample blame. He isn't smooth in transition, doesn't cover a lot of ground deep downfield and plays the ball poorly in the air. Williams' strengths and weaknesses are equally glaring.