Belichick, Dungy are tops among playoff coaches

Coaches can influence every part of the game, from offense to defense to special teams, and it is the head coach who holds it all together. It should come as no surprise, then, that Bill Belichick leads Scouts Inc.'s rankings of all 12 coaching staffs in the playoffs.

1. New England Patriots
Bill Belichick is without question the best head coach in the business. Some might say this season has been Belichick's easiest coaching job because this is clearly the most talented team he has ever had, but that situation presents its own challenges. Not only has he had to come up with solid schemes from week to week, he has had to keep his team focused and level-headed during its march toward an undefeated season, which was particularly challenging in the wake of the spying incident. The Patriots have never taken their eyes off the prize and that is a tribute to Belichick and his underrated coaching staff.