Plenty to like about all 12 playoff teams

The NFL postseason begins with 12 teams dreaming of Super Bowl glory, and while many have already conceded the Vince Lombardi Trophy to New England there are plenty of reasons for the other 11 teams to hold out hope for a deep playoff run. Here is a breakdown of what each team has going for it heading into the postseason.

AFC teams

1. New England Patriots (16-0, won AFC East)
The Patriots finished a magical regular season with a thrilling win over the Giants, but they are looking for 19-0 a lot more than they were 16-0. The Patriots are unbelievably explosive in the passing game and have revived the run game late in the season to give them some balance. Their defense is showing signs of age, but still have enough playmakers to control most offenses and they never panic when they are behind. They have maturity, loads of confidence, and, most importantly, are at home throughout the AFC playoffs. All that adds up to a trip to Phoenix for Super Bowl XLII.