An early look at three matchups to watch

There hasn't been time to break down the NFC Championship Game between the New York Giants and the Green Bay Packers in depth yet, but at first glance, here are three matchups to watch.

Giants RB Brandon Jacobs vs. Packers LB Nick Barnett

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Jacobs is a big, powerful running back who can wear down defenses and will be counted on to help take the pressure off QB Eli Manning. He will be utilized heavily in the Giants' inside zone-running game. Barnett is the key clog in the middle in the Packers' 4-3 defense. He can cover a lot of ground within the box and is also an effective tackler out in space.

Giants WR Plaxico Burress vs. Packers CB Charles Woodson

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Burress is easily the Giants No. 1 wideout and Manning's favorite downfield target. He is a dangerous receiver with size, long arms and the ability to outleap any defender in the NFL in the Giants' vertical passing attack. Woodson is an experienced corner who has played at a very high level throughout the season. He is a good bump-and-run corner who can be physical and has good man-to-man coverage skills.