Ten last-second questions

After thoroughly breaking down this Super Bowl matchup all week, Scouts Inc.'s Gary Horton answers 10 last-second questions and gives his final prediction.

1. How entertaining will Super Bowl XLIII be?

A lot of people assume this is going to be a one-sided game in favor of the Steelers, but I think it will be a close, exciting battle. Plus, both offenses have unique personnel groupings and are willing to use some exotic or trick plays. This game should be more exciting than most people anticipate.

2. Will the Cardinals' defense go after QB Ben Roethlisberger?

I expect the Cardinals to attack Big Ben with their front four by using some twists and stunts designed to disrupt the Steelers' blocking schemes. Defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast also will occasionally have SS Adrian Wilson blitz, but I anticipate the Cardinals to play more coverage schemes and test Roethlisberger's patience. Pendergast is going to make Roethlisberger march down the field to score.