Postseason is littered with future head coaches

First-time head coaches get their due by ranking just inside and just outside the top five.

4. Baltimore Ravens

There isn't a better pair of coordinators in the league today than Rex Ryan on defense and Cam Cameron on offense. Both have been exceptional this season, and first-year head coach Jim Harbaugh was very smart to allow both to control their respective sides of the ball. An assistant coach of note is quarterbacks coach Hue Jackson who has been instrumental in the development of rookie QB Joe Flacco, and did a great job with the receivers in Cincinnati before coming to the Ravens. Special-teams coach Jerry Rosburg also does a very nice job.

5. Carolina Panthers

Head coach John Fox entered the season on the hot seat, but the Panthers made some win-now moves in the offseason and now they sit among the best teams in the league. Fox deserves much credit for the improvement, and very much understands what it takes to win in this league. Offensive coordinator Jeff Davidson comes from Bill Belichick's tree and is an up-and-comer with his dedication to the running game and innovative tactics.