The perils of Joe Flacco

Joe Flacco seems to be on the rise with Anquan Boldin in the mix, but don't believe everything you read. Getty Images

One of my wife's (Mrs. Scientist's) favorite television characters is Barney Stinson from the CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother." Stinson is a custom-tailored-suit-wearing, catchphrase-spewing, hyperconfident womanizer whose willingness to accept any challenge puts him into a constant set of hilarious corners.

Stinson is also known as the progenitor of The Bro Code; this code details a wide variety of rules for bros to follow -- and also contains a set of warnings for dealing with women.

One of these admonitions is The Cheerleader Effect. This rule states that certain groups of women will look attractive as a group, but taken individually they will look like, in Stinson's words, "sled dogs."

That same rule can apply to certain fantasy football picks: There are a number of players whose 2010 fantasy scoring prospects look good because of their surroundings, but a closer look shows that they could be benefiting from the aforementioned effect -- and therefore should not be valued as highly as they will be in most draft rooms.

Here are four such guys.