Lessons from Jason Campbell

Jason Campbell (right) looks like a bad fantasy get because he's a Raider now, but don't be fooled. Getty Images

In last week's Contrarian Thoughts fantasy football article, I took at look at four players who were beneficiaries of The Cheerleader Effect.

This week's Contrarian Thoughts article will take the exact opposite approach: Instead of finding players whose team situations make them seem like better fantasy options than they should, I will instead identify some players whose values are being unfairly diminished by the current state of their teams' offenses.

Jason Campbell, Oakland Raiders
For most fantasy coaches, drafting Raiders is a last-resort move to be done only if no other viable options are available. They see Oakland as the place where offensive talent goes to die.

In the case of Campbell, however, they would do well to heed the recent remarks of Al Davis when he said, "I see [Campbell] as a football player like I saw Jim Plunkett. He has everything. He was 13-0 in college, at Auburn, he can throw up the field, he can run, he's big, he's smart. I really predict great things for him."