Repeat after me: Saints have hard road

According to Football Outsiders, it's unlikely that this scene will be repeated this year. Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Repeating as Super Bowl champion is, well, difficult. Five teams have been able to pull it off in 30 years, and it's been done only twice since the advent of the salary-cap system in 1994. Every year, though, fans of last year's champ convince themselves that their team will be the rare exception to the rule. And they can usually make a pretty good case -- after all, their team was good enough to win the Super Bowl in the previous season.

Judging from our e-mails, Saints fans are not exceptions to this rule. It's pretty reasonable to look at an offense starring QB Drew Brees and an aggressive, turnover-inducing defense and suggest that the Saints will be Super Bowl-bound again, but fans of each Super Bowl winner over the past five years have had strong arguments, too. Let's review the case each team's fans were making at the time and see what happened to those teams in the subsequent season.