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David Newton ESPN Staff Writer 

The day after Panthers GM Marty Hurney said he had a plan to create more cap space, ESPN's Field Yates discovered that $9.05 million of linebacker Luke Kuechly's base salary has been converted into a bonus. This creates $7.24 million in cap space for a team that had only $1.34 million in space previously. This gives Hurney some flexibility heading into the draft.

John Pluym ESPN 

The Ravens will not play consecutive home games or away games this season, alternating home/away each week. They'll be just the fourth team since the 16-game schedule was implemented in 1978 to alternate home/away for a full season.

John Pluym ESPN 

If the Cardinals draft Kyler Murray and he starts Week 1, it would be against the Lions. The last two quarterbacks to make their first NFL start against the Lions won (Sam Darnold, Matt Ryan).

John Pluym ESPN 

The Jets travel an NFL-low 6,788 miles this season, while the Raiders will travel an NFL-high 35,355 miles this season.

John Pluym ESPN 

The NFL is prepping Oakland Raiders fans for not seeing the Raiders anymore. After a home game against Kansas City on Sept. 15, the Raiders won't play in their home stadium again until Nov. 3 when they host the Lions.

John Pluym ESPN 

The Cleveland Browns open as five-point favorites over Tennessee in Week 1. There's a long way before that game happens, but.... it would be only the second time in 25 years that Cleveland is favored by more than a field goal in Week 1. The last time was 2011, when it was favored by 6.5 over the Bengals. Cleveland lost 27-17.

John Pluym ESPN 

The Jets have the second-best odds in the AFC East, but the Patriots will have a scheduling edge for both meetings. The first meeting, the Jets will be on a short week, coming off a Monday Night Football Game against the Browns. The second meeting, the Patriots are coming off a Thursday Night Football game and will have extra rest.

John Pluym ESPN 

The Kansas Chiefs will play three of their first four games on the road for the second straight year. That had happened to them once in the previous 10 seasons.

John Pluym ESPN 

The Philadelphia Eagles will finish the year with four consecutive divisional games. There have been only two other teams in the last 20 years who finished the year with four straight divisional games: 2017 Falcons and 2000 Packers.

John Pluym ESPN 

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL SCHEDULE -- WEEK 1: Texans at Saints; Broncos at Raiders; WEEK 2: Browns at Jets; WEEK 3: Bears at Redskins; WEEK 4: Bengals at Steelers; WEEK 5: Browns at 49ers; WEEK 6: Lions at Packers; WEEK 7: Patriots at Jets; WEEK 8: Dolphins at Steelers; WEEK 9: Cowboys at Giants; WEEK 10: Seahawks at 49ers; WEEK 11: Chiefs at Chargers (Mexico); WEEK 12: Ravens at Rams; WEEK 13: Vikings at Seahawks; WEEK 14: Giants at Eagles; WEEK 15: Colts at Saints; WEEK 16: Packers at Vikings; WEEK 17: No game scheduled

Jenna Laine ESPN Staff Writer 

2019 BUCS REGULAR SEASON SCHEDULE - Sept. 8 vs. 49ers; Sept. 12 at PANTHERS (TNF); Sept. 22 vs. GIANTS; Sept. 29 at RAMS; Oct. 6 at SAINTS; Oct. 13 vs. PANTHERS (LONDON); Oct. 20: BYE; Oct. 27 at TITANS; Nov. 3 at SEAHAWKS; Nov. 10 vs. CARDINALS; Nov. 17 vs. SAINTS; NOV. 24 at FALCONS; DEC. 1 at JAGUARS; DEC. 8 vs COLTS; DEC. 15 at LIONS; DEC. 21 or 22 vs. TEXANS; Dec. 29 vs. FALCONS

Brady Henderson ESPN 

2019 SEAHAWKS REGULAR SEASON SCHEDULE: Sept. 8 vs. BENGALS; Sept. 15 at STEELERS; Sept. 22 vs. SAINTS; Sept. 29 at CARDINALS; Oct. 3 vs. RAMS (TNF); Oct. 13 at BROWNS; Oct. 20 vs. RAVENS; Oct. 27 at FALCONS; Nov. 3 vs. BUCS; Nov. 11 at 49ERS (MNF); Nov. 17: BYE; Nov. 24 at EAGLES (SNF); Dec. 2 vs. VIKINGS (MNF); Dec. 8 at RAMS (SNF); Dec. 15 at PANTHERS; Dec. 22 vs. CARDINALS; Dec. 29 vs. 49ERS

Jeremy Fowler ESPN Staff Writer 

2019 STEELERS REGULAR SEASON SCHEDULE: Sept. 8 at Patriots (Sunday Night Football), Sept. 15 vs. Seahawks, Sept. 22 at 49ers, Sept. 30 vs. Bengals (Monday Night Football), Oct. 6 vs. Ravens, Oct. 13 at Chargers (SNF), Oct. 28 vs. Dolphins (MNF), Nov. 3 vs. Colts, Nov. 10 vs. Rams, Nov. 14 at Browns (Thursday Night Football), Nov. 24 at Bengals, Dec. 1 vs. Browns, Dec. 8 at Cardinals, Dec. 15 vs. Bills, Dec. 22 at Jets, Dec. 29 at Ravens.

Paul Gutierrez ESPN Staff Writer 

2019 RAIDERS REGULAR SEASON SCHEDULE - Sept. 9 vs. DENVER (MNF); Sept. 15 vs. KANSAS CITY; Sept. 22 at MINNESOTA; Sept. 29 at INDIANAPOLIS; Oct. 6 vs. BEARS (London); Oct. 13 BYE; Oct. 20 at GREEN BAY; Oct. 27 at HOUSTON; Nov. 3 vs. DETROIT; Nov. 7 vs. LOS ANGELES CHARGERS (TNF); Nov. 17 vs. CINCINNATI; Nov. 24 at NEW YORK JETS; Dec. 1 at KANSAS CITY; Dec. 8 vs. TENNESSEE; Dec. 15 vs. Jacksonville; Dec. 21/22 (TBD) at LOS ANGELES CHARGERS; Dec. 29 at DENVER.

David Newton ESPN Staff Writer 

Biggest surprise of Panthers' 2019 schedule is they weren't scheduled to play a prime-time game on Monday or Sunday night. They are playing on Thursday night against Tampa Bay and Sunday morning against the Bucs in London, but the lack of prime-time games is surely to be used as a respect issue for coach Ron Rivera.

Michael Rothstein ESPN Staff Writer 

2019 LIONS REGULAR SEASON SCHEDULE: Sept. 8 at CARDINALS; Sept. 15 vs. CHARGERS; Sept. 22 at EAGLES; Sept. 29 vs. CHIEFS; Oct. 6 BYE; Oct. 14 at PACKERS (MNF); Oct. 20 vs. VIKINGS; Oct. 27 vs. GIANTS; Nov. 3 at RAIDERS; Nov. 10 at BEARS; Nov. 17 vs. COWBOYS; Nov. 24 at REDSKINS; Nov. 28 vs. BEARS (Thanksgiving); Dec. 8 at VIKINGS; Dec. 15 vs. BUCCANEERS; Dec. 21/22 at BRONCOS; Dec. 29 vs. PACKERS

Rob Demovsky ESPN Staff Writer 

2019 Packers REGULAR SEASON SCHEDULE - Sept. 5 at BEARS (TNF); Sept. 15 vs. VIKINGS; Sept. 22 vs. BRONCOS; Sept. 26 vs. EAGLES (TNF); 10/6 at COWBOYS; 10/14 vs. LIONS (MNF); 10/20 vs. RAIDERS; 10/27 at CHIEFS; 11/3 at CHARGERS; 11/10 vs. PANTHERS; 11/17 BYE; 11/24 at 49ERS; 12/1 at GIANTS; 12/8 vs. REDSKINS; 12/15 vs. BEARS; 12/23 at VIKINGS (MNF); 12/29 at LIONS.