Most valuable ATS players

I should be taking a victory lap. Because, if you paid attention to the Opus, you would have known from Version II in October that Aaron Rodgers was the NFL's most valuable player against the point spread, worth 10 points as determined by me and my Millman Rankings cohort, Evan Abrams. And if you were paying attention, you would have noticed that immediately after Rodgers broke his collarbone on Nov. 4, the line for the Packers-Eagles game six days later shifted from Green Bay minus-10 to Green Bay minus-1.5. And then it dropped to Green Bay minus-1. And then to pick. And by kickoff the Eagles were actually favored by a point, in a game they went on to win by two touchdowns.

Of course, because you read the Opus, you knew there were a couple of points worth of value from the initial adjustment and jumped all over it. That is what The Millman Rankings and the PSVAR (point spread value above replacement) metric are supposed to show you. Keep the updated version below with you wherever you go for the next month. Then you can be ready to make a play on a moment's injury notice and build your Christmas bankroll.