The Bears' big mistake

The Bears should be keeping Jay Cutler, healthy or not, on the sideline right now. AP Photo/Mike Roemer

In terms of name recognition, the decision shouldn't be a hard one. Jay Cutler is the starter, Josh McCown has been the career backup. Even during the course of McCown's current stretch as the Chicago Bears' starter, coach Marc Trestman has maintained that Cutler is the preferred starter when he returned to health. In that light, Trestman's decision to go back to Cutler makes total sense.

But that position discounts the recent performance of McCown under center. Career backup or not, McCown has performed at an extremely high level since relieving the injured Cutler. And that's what makes Trestman's decision surprising. In sitting McCown, the Bears aren't benching a run-of-the-mill backup, they're benching the hottest QB in the National Football League. And in the context of what best aids Chicago's postseason chances, the Bears are making a mistake.