Top five head coaches for 2013

As an NFL head coach, your job is never truly safe. But by Week 16 of the season, you generally have a good idea about where you stand with your organization and if you'll be back next season to lead your team. As I've mentioned before, it all comes back to expectations.

If you are coach of a team that is rebuilding, have you found a potential franchise quarterback? Has your team played hard for you, even if the wins haven't come? Have you made the proper adjustments to make your team better?

If you're a coach of a team that is expected to make the playoffs, are you in a position to do so right now? Are you playing your best football toward the end of the season or have you already peaked?

It's very difficult to maintain success in the NFL and sometimes the ball doesn't bounce your way or the injuries are too great to overcome. But the great coaches are the ones who can succeed and thrive in the face of adversity and meet expectations. They don't give me a vote for Coach of the Year, but if they did, the five guys below would be on my ballot.


1. Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs

It wasn't an accident that Reid took the job with Kansas City. Yes, the Chiefs went 2-14 last season, but this was a team that he recognized had a tremendous amount of talent on both sides of the ball, especially on defense. When he was winning division titles and playoff games in Philadelphia, Reid had a strong defensive coordinator in Jim Johnson and he has another good one in Bob Sutton in Kansas City.