Scariest Super Bowl matchups

Peyton Manning and the Broncos would be a major test for Russell Wilson's Seahawks. Getty Images

If two postseason meetings (plus a Week 1 regular-season matchup this season) are any indication, the Green Bay Packers don't want to see Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers again anytime soon.

The third-year quarterback has seemingly become Green Bay's kryptonite, playing sensational football when the stakes are raised and ending the Packers' season in consecutive years.

The "tournament" is down to just eight teams in the NFL, four apiece in each conference. And while any of the remaining teams is capable of beating another on a given day, let's get out our look ahead lens and outline which team is the scariest Super Bowl opponent for each of the final eight contenders (listed in order of highest seed, starting with the NFC) -- almost like a form of kryptonite.


Seattle Seahawks

Scariest foe: Denver Broncos
The skinny: No team is going to scare the Seahawks, not even the Colts, whom they lost to earlier this season. The potency of Denver is obvious with Peyton Manning and a high-flying passing attack, and that's what is concerning for Seattle. The Seahawks played against just one top-10 scoring offense this season, and their own offense is built to wear defenses out with a durable running game and poised passing attack led by Russell Wilson. They don't want to find themselves either playing from behind or in a shootout. No offense is more dangerous than Denver's.