2013's biggest roster drop-offs

Roddy White and many of his Falcons teammates struggled in 2013. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

2013's most improved rosters | Biggest drop-offs

Each NFL offseason, teams throughout the league seek to improve their rosters for the coming campaign. And, as is always the case, some teams have more reconstruction to do than others.

Which teams saw the biggest drop offs in 2013 and have the most to improve upon? We're turning to our NFL player grades to see which five teams regressed the most from 2012 to 2013. We focused on what caused them to fall, whether the decline will endure and what they'll need to fix to right the ship in 2014.

We start with our biggest "drop" of 2013, a team that lost a star player on the outside and never recovered.

1. Atlanta Falcons, -242.4 decline

Dropping off: In 2012, Roddy White finished the year as our sixth-ranked receiver. It was arguably the finest year of his career, as he dropped just four of 96 catchable balls for the ninth-best drop rate in the league. In 2013, however, he had issues staying on the field. And when he was on the field, his hands weren't nearly as reliable, dropping eight of 71 catchable balls and ending the year with the 21st-worst (out of 94 players) drop rate. What's more, he averaged 0.72 fewer yards per route run than he did in 2012, a year where his 2.08 yards per route run was even more than Julio Jones.

Mirage or makeover: There's no denying some of White's struggles can be attributed to him battling injury most of the year, but the physical receiver is no spring chicken and will turn 33 in November. We certainly expect more from him in 2014, and getting Jones healthy will ensure less attention and easier matchups. Jones may have only run 212 routes in 2013 but his 2.74 yards per route run was the highest of all receivers.